TechnologyOne (ASX: TNE)

TechnologyOne (ASX: TNE) Develops enterprise software solutions







Product / Service

  • TechnologyOne is a software company that provides a fully integrated service to customers

  • This includes developing, selling, implementing, supporting and running  enterprise software solutions for customers

  • TechnologyOne also provides custom software development for large scale projects

  • TechnologyOne often cites its motto: “cloud first, mobile first”

  • Cloud first - TechnologyOne Cloud delivers its enterprise software through the cloud to customers. In doing so, TechnologyOne is responsible for processing power, backup, recovery, upgrade and software support services

  • Mobile first - Connected Intelligence (Ci) Anywhere allows organisations to embrace smart phones and mobile devices. TechnologyOne delivers all its software functionality on these devices, allowing customers and their employees to access data from any device

  • Examples of TechnologyOne’s products are in the areas of:

    • Financials

    • Human resource & payroll

    • Supply chain

    • Student management

    • Business intelligence

    • Enterprise content management

  • TechnologyOne labels its products with a uniform prefix “One.” For example, “OneCouncil”, “One Government”, “One Banking”

  • TechnologyOne has eight key markets, including:

    • Local government

    • Government

    • Education

    • Health and community services

    • Financial services

    • Asset intensive industries

    • Project intensive industries

    • Corporates

  • TechnologyOne’s strongest markets are local government, higher education, health/community services and federal government

  • TechnologyOne operates five business units:

    • Sales & Marketing - sales of licence fees and customer support

    • Consulting - custom software development for large scale projects

    • Research & Development - to support all products

    • Cloud - delivery of cloud hosting services to customers

    • Corporate - corporate services


  • Adrian Di Marco (current CEO) founded TechnologyOne in an industrial suburb in Brisbane in 1987

  • In 1989, TechnologyOne established a division dedicated to developing large-scale custom built software applications

  • In 1991, TechnologyOne released Finance One, its flagship product

  • TechnologyOne signed its first New Zealand customer, Federal Government customer and State Government customer in 1992

  • At a user conference in 1995, TechnologyOne presented Finance One for Windows

  • TechnologyOne listed on the ASX in 1999

  • Over the course of the 2000s, TechnologyOne continued to open new offices in new locations, including Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Wellington, the United Kingdom and Darwin

  • In 2010, TechnologyOne announced its cloud computing strategy and opened new headquarters in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley


  • TechnologyOne’s customers include corporations, universities, government and statutory authorities


  • The company is headquartered in Brisbane

  • The company’s operations are in 14 offices across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the South Pacific and the United Kingdom

Transforming business, making life simple

Profitability Table

Year Revenue ($m) % change EBT ($m) % change
FY 2009 123 11.2 20.3 (12.1)
FY 2010 136 10.9 23.3 14.8
FY 2011 157 15.3 26.7 14.6
FY 2012 169 7.9 30.3 13.5
FY 2013 181 6.8 35.1 15.8
FY 2014 195 8.0 40.2 14.5
FY 2015 219 12.1 46.5 15.7
FY 2016 249 13.9 53.2 14.4

Fun Facts

  • Adrian Di Marco’s (CEO) total remuneration for FY 2016 was $1.5m

  • Edward Chung is to take over from Adrian Di Marco as CEO in mid-2017

  • TechnologyOne’s reporting period is to 30 September 

  • TechnologyOne employs over 1,000 people

  • In FY 2016, TechnologyOne’s spend on Research & Development represented 19% of its revenue

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