Qantas (ASX: QAN)

Qantas (ASX: QAN) Operates two airline brands – Qantas and Jetstar







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  • Qantas operates two airline brands – Qantas and Jetstar

  • Qantas operates regional, domestic and international services

  • Qantas is the main airline and consists of Qantas Domestic and Qantas International  

  • Jetstar is a low cost, ‘no frills’ airline operating routes around Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong.  Jetstar Group is headquartered in Melbourne

  • The broader Qantas Group also includes:

    • Qantas Link – operates routes to and from metropolitan and regional destinations across Australia and Papua New Guinea

    • Qantas Freight – operates a fleet of aircraft to supplement capacity to key import and export destinations in Australia and around the world. Qantas Freight also operates a network of 21 specialist cargo handling terminals in 15 ports across Australia and in a dedicated terminal in Los Angeles.  These terminals handle freight for Qantas, Jetstar and other major carriers.  They also offer services including coolrooms & freezers for perishables, warmrooms, strongrooms & safes for secure storage and dry & wet ice for re-icing

    • Qantas Loyalty – has 10.8 million members.  Qantas Loyalty generates revenue by other businesses paying to offer their customers deals

    • Q Catering – operates two brands, Q Catering and Snap Fresh. Q Catering operates in four Australian ports, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Snap Fresh is based in Queensland and produces meals for airlines and non-aviation markets including hospitals and nursing homes.  Customers include Qantas International and Domestic, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and Cathay Pacific

    • Qantas Holidays – part of the Jetset Travelworld Group, now known as Helloworld, is a travel wholesaler and a range of franchise based and affiliate retail travel agency networks


  • Qantas was founded in the Queensland Outback in 1920 originally as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS)

  • Qantas listed on the ASX in 1995
  • Click here for a detailed account of Qantas’ and general aviation history


  • Qantas’ customers are predominantly passengers


  • The company is headquartered in Sydney

  • The company’s operations are around the world, but predominantly in Australia

To be a great airline that champion’s the Spirit of Australia

Profitability Table

Year Revenue ($m) % change EBIT ($m) % change
FY 2010 13,772   253  
FY 2011 14,894 8.1 436 72.3
FY 2012 15,724 5.6 -173 L
FY 2013 15,902 1.1 198 P
FY 2014 15,352 (3.5) -3,772 L
FY 2015 15,816 3.0 1,048 P
FY 2016 16,200 2.4 1,643 56.8

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