Henderson Group (ASX: HGG)

Henderson Group (ASX: HGG) A global funds management company based in the United Kingdom







Product / Service

  • Henderson Group is a global asset manager specialising in active investment management

  • Hendersons clients allocate money, either their own or money they manage for their clients, to Henderson to manage and invest on their behalf

  • Clients pay a management fee for this service, usually a percentage of monies managed. Performance fees may also be payable in respect of strong investment returns

  • As at 31 December 2016, Henderson had more than £100bn of Assets Under Management (AUM)

  • Henderson’s core capabilities are across five key pillars:

    • Global Equities

    • European Equities

    • Global Fixed Income

    • Multi-Asset - investments in a broad range of asset classes and geographies

    • Alternatives - including Private Equity and Property

  • Henderson has four key products:

    • UK Retail

    • Retail SICAVs (a type of open-ended investment fund)

    • Retail US Mutuals

    • Institutional

  • In Australia, among other products, Henderson Group acquired H3 Global Advisors, Perennial Fixed Interest and Perennial Growth Management, and owns a 33% interest in 90 West Asset Management

  • As at December 2016, 59.4% of Henderson’s assets under management were retail funds, with the remaining 40.6% being institutional funds

  • Henderson Group is currently considering a merger with Janus Capital, forming an entity with AUM of US$322bn. Janus Henderson Group will be listed on the New York and Australian stock exchanges


  • Henderson Group was founded in 1934 to administer the estate of Alexander Henderson, a stockbroker and Member of the British Parliament

  • Accordingly, Henderson Group was named after its first client

  • Henderson Group became a public company in 1983

  • AMP acquired Henderson Group in 1998, but later demerged in 2003

  • From the 1980s onwards, Henderson Group has made a number of acquisitions in various countries including the United States, France, Australia and the United Kingdom


  • Henderson’s clients are financial professionals, institutional investors and private investors


  • The company is headquartered in London

  • The company’s operations are in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia

To be a trusted global asset manager, focused on delivering excellent performance and service to our clients

Profitability Table

Year Revenue (£m) % change EBT (£m) % change
CY 2009 234 (13.5) 80.1 (0.4)
CY 2010 308 31.7 100 25.2
CY 2011 422 36.8 160 59.5
CY 2012 372 (11.9) 153 (4.4)
CY 2013 461 24.2 190 24.2
CY 2014 519 12.5 195 2.8
CY 2015 602 16.0 220 12.6
CY 2016 584 (3.0) 213 (3.3)

Fun Facts

  • Andrew Formica’s (CEO) total remuneration for CY 2016 was just over £2m

  • Henderson is co-listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol HGG


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