GetSwift (ASX: GSW)

GetSwift (ASX: GSW) Helps businesses optimise dispatch, routing and tracking of their deliveries to customers







Product / Service

  • GetSwift operates a technology platform that helps businesses optimise dispatch, routing and tracking of their deliveries to customers

  • GetSwift provides the following solutions:

    • Automated Dispatching - automatically assign a driver

    • Route Optimisation - automatically calculates the best sequence of routes for deliveries. Saves time planning out daily routes

    • Real-Time Job Tracking - know where drivers are, communicate with customers and let them know their order is on its way

    • Other services: Proof of Delivery with a photo or customer signature; monitor drivers service and performance

  • Drivers have access to an App which they can use to manage their deliveries and capture proof of delivery verifications

  • The platform is provided as a white-label solution, so customers can integrate their own branding

  • GetSwift charges 29c per delivery, with an Enterprise option for customers doing more than 5,000 deliveries per month


  • In 2013, GetSwift started as, an e-commerce company that delivered alcohol. To help with the real-time delivery operations, they built a platform to manage the delivery process

  • Eventually the team realised there was more promise in the delivery management platform than the alcohol e-commerce site, and GetSwift as we know it was created

  • GetSwift originally went through the startup incubator BlueChilli. Interestingly, since exiting the program, GetSwift’s Founder and CEO  Joel Macdonald has been highly vocal of his criticisms of BlueChilli (see here)

  • GetSwift listed on the ASX in December 2016


  • GetSwift’s customers include couriers, distributors, e-commerce, food/beverage and restaurants from a range of industries

  • Examples include PizzaHut, Red Rooster, Lone Star Texas Grill, Commonwealth Bank of Australia


  • The company is headquartered in Sydney

  • The company’s operations are around the world

Fun Facts

  • GetSwift’s CEO, Joel Macdonald, is an ex-Australian Rules Footballer, having played 124 games for the Brisbane Lions and Melbourne Demons


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