Coca-Cola Amatil (ASX: CCL)

Coca-Cola Amatil (ASX: CCL) Manufacturer and distributor of beverages







Product / Service

  • Coca-Cola Amatil manufactures and distributes non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, coffee, fruit and vegetable snacks across six countries in Asia-Pacific

  • Coca-Cola has five business segments:

    • Australian Beverages - the largest segment which manufactures and sells 26 non-alcoholic beverages across Australia. Brands include Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Lift and Mount Franklin

    • Indonesia and Papua New Guinea  - manufactures and sells similar non-alcoholic products throughout Indonesia and PNG

    • New Zealand and Fiji - produces local brands such as Kiwi Blue, L&P and Jucy in addition to the well known Coca-Cola beverages

    • Alcohol & Coffee - a mix of emerging and established brands including Canadian Club and Midori.  Some products are wholly owned and some are distributed in conjunction with brand partners

    • Corporate, Food & Services - a range of activities including corporate office costs, ancillary services and SPC Ardmona - canning, packing and selling fruits and vegetables in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley


  • Coca-Cola's history traces back to 1904 as the British Tobacco Company

  • It purchased Coca-Cola Bottlers Pty Ltd in Perth in 1965

  • In 1977, British Tobacco became Allied Manufacturing and Trade Industries Limited, or AMATIL for short

  • After leaving other interests including the Tobacco business, The Coca-Cola Company (US) became a major shareholder and Coca-Cola Amatil was formed

  • Coca-Cola listed on the ASX in January 1970


  • Coca-Cola Amatil’s customers are consumers


  • The company is headquartered in Sydney

  • The company’s operations are in  Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Samoa

Every day we create millions of moments of happiness & possibilities

Profitability Table

Year Revenue ($m) % change EBIT ($m) % change
CY 2008 4,228 5.2 687 6.0
CY 2009 4,436 4.9 787 14.6
CY 2010 4,490 1.2 845 7.4
CY 2011 4,801 6.9 871 3.1
CY 2012 5,097 6.2 760 (12.7)
CY 2013 5,036 (1.2) 368 (51.6)
CY 2014 4,943 (1.9) 507 37.8
CY 2015 5,094 3.1 661 30.4

Fun Facts

  • Alison Watkins’s (Group Managing Director) total remuneration for CY 2015 was $3.4m

  • Coca-Cola employs around 14,000 people across the six countries it operates

  • For every direct job created in the Australian Beverages segment, up to 3.8 jobs will be needed in the production chain

  • The American based The Coca-Cola Company holds 29.2% of the total issued shares and is the largest shareholder in Coca-Cola Amatil


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