BrainChip (ASX: BRN)

BrainChip (ASX: BRN) Develops and operates a neural computing technology business







Product / Service

  • BrainChip is involved in developing technology that processes data in a manner similar to the human brain

  • BrainChip is involved in cognitive neural computing - using artificial neural networks (ANNs) to recognise patterns in huge amounts of data

  • The basic premise of artificial neuron networks is to simulate densely connected biological neurons inside a computer to ultimately get that computer to recognise patterns and learn

  • BrainChip has designed its Spiking Neuron Adaptive Processor (SNAP) technology which processes multiple elements at the same time. Traditional processors process elements one after another

  • SNAP technology processing occurs more quickly and is more energy efficient

  • SNAP’s technology applications are speech recognition, speaker recognition, extraction of speech from a noisy background, image recognition, robotics and autonomous learning machines in exploration and unmanned vehicles (for example, drones and driverless cars)

  • BrainChip’s first breakthrough came when ‘teaching’ a simulated car to navigate a track. Each time the simulated car touched the edge of the track, the car learned autonomously to navigate back to the middle of the track. In the same demonstration using a software neural network, each time the car touched the edge, it had to restart back at the start line with this new information

  • BrainChip plans to licence its SNAP intellectual property to technology partners who will develop BrainChip-based semiconductor chips and other products


  • BrainChip was founded by Peter van der Made, the company’s current Chief Technology Officer

  • van der Made has been researching and developing ANN technology since 2004

  • Previously, van der Made invented one of the earliest high resolution colour graphics chips for the IBM personal computer

  • BrainChip was incorporated in Delaware, USA in December 2013 and listed on the ASX in September 2015

  • In September 2016, BrainChip acquired Spikenet Technology, based in Toulouse, France. Spikenet had been a provider of software-based neural networking technology


  • BrainChip’s customers are companies seeking to build and use autonomous learning chips for their products and applications

  • Potential partners include semiconductor partners and OEM customers


  • The company is headquartered in California and West Perth

  • The company’s operations are in California and Toulouse, France

Profitability Table

Year Revenue (US$m) % change EBT (US$m) % change
CY 2015 0.0 - -27.3 L
CY 2016 0.2 308 -4.6 L

Fun Facts

  • Louis DiNardo’s (CEO) total remuneration for CY 2016 was US$419k


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