Appen (ASX: APX)

Appen (ASX: APX) Provides the data that helps machines learn







Product / Service

  • Appen supplies high quality language and testing data for machine-learning based applications that improve service to customers in the areas of speech, search, social media and ecommerce

  • Appen’s services help companies create engaging products with accurate speech interfaces and relevant content

  • In order to learn, software ‘machines’ such as speech engines, search engines, predictors and recommenders, need large amounts of data to help them find patterns and predict outcomes

  • A well-known example is using a search engine. When a user types into the search bar, the search engine often provides a number of examples of what the user might be looking for, predicting their search request

  • With more data and higher quality data, the better the machines learn

  • Appen has expertise in more than 180 languages

  • Both natural language processing and machine learning are underpinning growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Appen operates two business units:

    • Content Relevance - provides annotated data used in search technology for improving relevance and accuracy of search results

    • Language Resources - provides data used in speech recognisers, machine translation, speech synthesisers and other machine-learning technologies. The result is more engaging and fluent devices like Siri and GPS Navigation systems

  • Appen acquired Mendip Media Group in the UK in 2016, now known as Appen UK


  • Dr. Julie Vonwiller founded Appen in 1996 after seeing an opportunity to develop linguistic technologies to support product innovation in new markets around the world

  • In 2011, Appen merged with Butler Hill, a company based in the United States. The combined group, Appen Butler Hill, expanded to include language resources, search and text

  • Appen listed on the ASX in January 2015


  • Appen’s main customers are technology companies, automakers and government agencies


  • The company is headquartered in Sydney

  • The company’s operations are global with offices in the United States, Australia, Philippines, China and the United Kingdom

To empower every culture with language and search technology

Profitability Table

Year Revenue ($m) % change EBT ($m) % change
CY 2014 51.0 - 3.7 -
CY 2015 82.7 62.2 12.4 237
CY 2016 111 34.2 16.0 29.2

Fun Facts

  • Mark Brayan’s (CEO) total remuneration for FY 2016 was $857k

  • Appen utilises the services of over 400,000 crowd-sourced contractors


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