AMP (ASX: AMP) Provides financial services throughout Australia and New Zealand







Product / Service

  • AMP is engaged in the financial services industry in Australia and New Zealand, offering services such as insurance, wealth management, investment management and retail banking
  • AMP operates six business units:

    • Australian Wealth Management - offers financial advisory services, platform administration, unit-linked superannuation plans, retirement income and managed investment products

    • AMP Capital -  provides investment and management services, managing investments across major asset classes

    • Australian Wealth Protection - provides individual and group term, disability and income protection insurance

    • AMP Bank - engaged in retail banking, providing services to retail clients and offering products such as residential mortgages, deposits and transaction banking

    • New Zealand Financial Services - provides clients in New Zealand with financial advice, superannuation and insurance products, including wealth management business KiwiSaver

    • Australian Mature - manages closed insurance and superannuation products no longer sold by AMP, such as annuities, life, endowment and investment-linked products


  • AMP was established as The Australian Mutual Provident Society in 1849
  • AMP listed on the ASX in June 1998

  • AMP and AXA Asia Pacific, formerly known as National Mutual Life Association, merged in 2011


  • AMP’s customers include retail and institutional investors and customers in Australia and New Zealand


  • The company is headquartered in Sydney
  • The company’s operations are located in various locations across New Zealand and Australia, as well as in major capital cities around the world

To be Australia and New Zealand’s favourite financial services company

Profitability Table

Year Revenue ($m) % change EBIT ($m) % change
FY 2009 2,665 (7.4) 1,228 P
FY 2010 2,824 6.0 881 (28.3)
FY 2011 4,217 49.3 743 (15.7)
FY 2012 5,166 22.5 1,387 86.7
FY 2013 5,136 (0.6) 1,498 8.0
FY 2014 5,343 4.0 1,814 21.1
FY 2015 5,493 2.8 1,993 9.9

Fun Facts

  • Craig Meller’s (CEO) total remuneration for CY 2015 was $5.4m
  • AMP employs around 5,400 worldwide


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