Factual. Unbiased. Essential.

So what's it all about?

ShareStart is the place to start your investing journey. Whether you are looking for ideas for your portfolio, have received a hot tip from a friend or you are just getting started, ShareStart is for you.
ShareStart provides clear, factual information on ASX listed companies, driving through the sales talk, the management fluff, the 320 page reports and the meaningless forecasts to cut to the core: what does the company do?

ShareStart empowers, allowing you to search for companies by size, industry and keywords. ShareStart is perfect if, for example, you want to look into Small Cap Software companies, or “oil” companies on the ASX. Other research tools allow you to search with stock screeners or PE ratios, but ShareStart enables users to search by the most important thing, what the company actually does.


It’s pretty simple - ShareStart is an Australian startup determined to help our fellow investors make better decisions and find the information that matters.

ShareStart is...

  • Free - and always will be
  • Clear - most tend to overcomplicate matters. We do the opposite.
  • Unbiased - we’re not trying to influence you or provide buy/sell recommendations, just provide clear, wonderful information
  • Young and Here to Help - we’re here to help investors make better informed decisions. While we continue to cover more companies and produce more reports, let us know what you think and how we can improve here.


Tim Johnston

Tim has been investing in shares for over a decade. The first share he ever bought, he lost 95%. Lesson number 1: don't buy a share just because some rich guy has. Since then, Tim has worked for some of the leading fund managers and superannuation companies in Australia. While working in superannuation, he helped managed a $16bn share portfolio, meeting and learning from the best stock pickers in the country. Tim holds a Bachelor of Commerce/Law and is a CFA Charterholder - probably the toughest finance qualification in the world.

Tim's favourite investing quote:
"Never invest in a business you cannot understand" - Warren Buffett

Denny Vuong

Denny is ShareStart’s website extraordinaire. Denny is responsible for the beautiful website before your eyes. He works hard to improve the website to make it as fast, efficient and useful as possible. Denny has been interested in shares for past few years and being a computer whiz, is particularly interested in software and technology companies.

Denny’s favourite investing quote:
"Behind every stock is a company. Find out what it's doing” - Peter Lynch